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About Short Term Car Leasing & Long Term Car Hire

Long Term Car Hire and Short Term Car Leasing explained

Mini Lease from Cars on Demand is a form of short term car leasing or long term car hire, and is flexible, convenient and extremely cost effective - ... here's how it works:

Long Term Car Hire / Short Term Car leasing - what is it?

Hiring, renting or leasing cars - it is a simple concept with many different nuances in relation to finance terminology. Our job is to simplify the process in order to make your motoring life easier and ultimately less risky when arranging a non - acquisition finance method of car use.

Long term car hire (or rental) and short term car leasing suits a customer that needs a car for a number of weeks or months as opposed to daily car hire, such as an overseas driver visiting the UK for a longer period or new employee. From a customers perspective, long term car hire works in the following way:

  1. All vehicles are divided into groups. You simply choose the group that suits your needs
  2. Select theterm and the monthly mileage to receive a quote.
  3. By having simple vehicle groups Cars on Demand are able to buy vehicles more competitively and pass on the savings directly to you.
  4. Visit our special offers page for some specific car examples with fixed short term leases of 6 to 24 months.
  5. With a nationwide network of locations, we can arrange the supply of your chosen short term lease vehicle quickly and efficiently, often within 48 hours. 
  6. Insurance is not normally included, we can put you in touch with a broker or use your own. Subject to status, we may be able to provide a basic damage and third party provision for an extra cost.
  7. As your chosen car is new or nearly new, it has breakdown cover, and maintenance may be included or available as an option - you then simply use the car provided until the end of the agreed term, and either return it, extend it or swap it for another car.

Typical Duration and Lease Renewal

Minimum one month, Maximum six months (1 month = 28 days). We find 3 months is the most popular short term period. Afterwards you can easily extend, hand back or choose another vehicle for minimum of 28 day increments.

What happens if I want to terminate my long term car hire agreement?

No problem, after your chosen minimum period simply hand the vehicle back with absolutely no penalties*

Mileage allowance

Simply choose the mileage suitable for you - either 1000, 1500 or 2000 per 28 days*

Car Insurance for short term car leasing

To obtain a competitive motor insurance quote for your mini lease vehicle, click here. We may also be able to offer long term car rental with damage and third party cover included, contact us on 0333 323 2660 for a quick quote.

Damage Excess Bond

Equal to one month’s rental

* providing the car has no new damage and is within the agreed mileage