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About Short Term Leasing

About the Quote Wheel

Mini Lease from Cars on Demand is flexible, convenient and extremely cost effective... here's how it works. All vehicles are divided into groups. You simply choose the group that suits your needs; select the term and the monthly mileage to receive a quote. By having simple vehicle groups Cars on Demand are able to buy vehicles more competitively and pass on the savings directly to you. Visit the special offers page for some vehicle examples but take advantage of a growing 700+ car fleet. We have lots of customers that have got a quick accurate picture of a leasing package by using the quote wheel. With an increasing number of locations you can find out about local delivery and return arrangements today.

Duration and Renewal

Minimum one month, Maximum six months (1 month = 28 days). We find 3 months is the most popular short term period. Afterwards you can easily extend, hand back or choose another vehicle for minimum of 28 day increments.

Want to Terminate

No problem, after your chosen minimum period simply hand the vehicle back with absolutely no penalties*


Simply choose the mileage suitable for you - either 1000, 1500 or 2000 per 28 days*

Motor Insurance

To obtain a competitive motor insurance quote for your mini lease vehicle, click here. We can also offer long term car rental with damage and third party cover included, click here for a quick quote.

Damage Excess Bond

Equal to one month’s rental*