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Bullivant Media Case Study

Company name: Bullivant Media

Client name & job title: Russell Beddoe, Accounts Manager

Industry/Sector: Retail

Client’s main function: Newspaper advertising

Number of employees: 100

What services does Cars on Demand provide for you?

Cars on Demand have provided Bullivant with short term car hire since 2009.

Why did you need the help of Cars on Demand? What are they helping you to achieve?

Because our sales team is constantly fluctuating in size, we needed the flexibility of being able to run a certain number of our fleet cars on a short term lease basis, meaning we can return them when they’re not needed and get them back when they are.

What fleet solution did you have in place before working with Cars on Demand?

We work with another vehicle provider but they are only able to offer long term leasing, so Cars on Demand’s solution fitted our requirements for additional flexibility alongside our long term lease contracts.

Does Cars on Demand’s service enable you to achieve anything that you were unable to do before working with them?

Yes, we are now able to get access to fleet vehicles at very short notice (usually within 48 hours if required) whereas previously we would have had to wait.

Why did you choose Cars on Demand for your short term leasing requirements?

They are very competitive on price but most of all they are reliable, which counts for a lot.

What is the length of your relationship with Cars on Demand?

We’ve been leasing vehicles on a short term basis for just over seven years now.

What has been the most significant benefit of working with Cars on Demand?

For us, it is the benefit of not being tied into any long term contracts, meaning that we have much more flexibility and can save on costs when we don’t need permanent vehicles.

How have you found the service you have received from Cars on Demand?

The service has always been first class throughout our relationship. We have an excellent working relationship and are very happy with what they provide.

How do you see your relationship with Cars on Demand developing in the future?

I anticipate that we’ll continue our ongoing relationship with Cars on Demand and go to them as our need for short term lease access continues.

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