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What is Short Term Car Leasing?

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase ‘short-term car leasing’ being bandied about when it comes to ways in which to access vehicles for either personal or business use.

However, we still get a lot of customers who want to know just what exactly is so short-term about short-term leasing!

We thought we’d put pen to paper and explain, as well as share with you some feedback from a couple of customers who use the service so you can decide for yourselves.

How do we define short term car leasing?

Short term leasing is a short to mid-term car finance solution that we’ve designed to let you lease a car or fleet of cars from us, with a contract starting from just 28 days long.

Then, at the end of the 28 days, you can hand the car back, keep it and extend for another month, or upgrade/switch to a different type of vehicle (there might be a bit of additional cost depending what you choose!).

Essentially, you’re on a rolling contract and aren’t tied in to a 6, 8 or 12 month deal. This means should your circumstances change quickly or unexpectedly, you don’t have to worry about being able to get rid of the car a swapping it for something more suitable.

What are the examples where short term car leasing would be beneficial?

If you’re a small (or large!) company, you might be at a stage where you are contracting freelancers as you test the water with new services and within new markets, and you might be unsure how long they will be with you.

If you need to give them access to a car, short term leasing means that you’re not tied in to a long term contract, and you can hand the car back without penalty should your freelancer leave and the vehicle no longer be required.

It also means that you can access a variety of vehicle types much more frequently, depending on specific projects you may be working on.

So, if you need a supermini one month for a contract in the city, and then a 4×4 the next for some work up in the highlands, short term leasing gives you the flexibility to change the car to fit the requirements of your growing workforce from month to month.

What customers say about short term car leasing

Read our case study with client Bullivant Media on why they use short term leasing. Bullivant Media's sales team is constantly fluctuating in size, we needed the flexibility of being able to run a certain number of our fleet cars on a short term lease basis, meaning we can return them when they’re not needed and get them back when they are.

Are cars available on short notice?

Businesses are able to get access to fleet vehicles at very short notice (usually within 48 hours if required) whereas previously we would have had to wait.

What is the most significant benefit of using short term car leasing?

By being in much shorter vehicle leasing contracts, companies and individuals have much more flexibility and can save on costs when we don’t need permanent vehicles.

So there you have it - a clear explanation of short term car leasing and how it can be used.

Any more questions? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line.


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